Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rainbow Baby Blanket

This one has been a long time coming. I've started the blanket in July, hoping to have it ready during the summer. After all, the whole idea was to make something light and airy so it could be used for the warm days. 

I finished it in December...oh, well...At least we could use it during our Christmas holidays on Gran Canaria. And it is big enough to serve our son during spring and summer 2017, so the work was not in vain. 

I am pretty happy with the end result, although I wouldn't mind switching the colors around a little bit. It is easier to see how the play together, now that I used them. 

The yarn I used was Sandnes Garn Madarin Petit in 15 colors, plus the grey border.

I very much like the simple pattern. It relatively simple and quick to make and it results in an airy fabric which was what I wanted for a summer blanket. I am also happy about the little "bubbles" which my baby likes to explore.

The yellow stitch is the "bubble" it is made by stitching 3 double crochets leaving the last 2 loops of the last one on the hook. Then you pick up yarn again and loop over all the double crochets 3 times. Finally pull yarn through all the loops you have on the hook. You can probably also try a raspberry or bobble crochet stitch instead.

Et billede slået op af Maria Lind (@mariafurya) den