Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wedding's getting real

1950 Patan wedding, originally uploaded by dlisbona.

My wedding is approaching in huge steps now. It's only 2 weeks left now and it is getting real! Yey. I am very excited.
1. The dress is ready and waiting in the wardrobe
2. The shoes are bought
3. The cake with blue roses decoration is ordered
4. And the dinner place is booked
Of course there is something like 100 other details that are already arranged and probably 50 more still to lock down. But we are almost there and I honestly can't wait.
I promise there will be photos after the event but please forgive me if I am not very active here at the moment.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Polymer Clay Inspirations

Today, I would like to show you my polymer clay inspirations. There are great many gifted artists out there and below you can see only a small selection of work presented on flickr.

I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire me to keep working and honing my skills.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Walkathon 2010

Did you hear about Walkathons? The first one took place in 1953 (sic!) in Puerto Rico and the idea is really a very simple one. You register as a participant, show up on the date and go for a lovely walk along the predetermined route. And the sponsor (in my case Ecco shoes company) gives money to a charity of your choice for every kilometer that you walked. It is a very nice and healthy way to spend a Sunday with your family or friends and you get to do something good for those less fortunate.

I walked today in the Aarhus Ecco Walkathon 2010 and did 10,5km (the route was only 10km long but we got lost a little bit along the way). We started by warming up in Tivoli Friheden (fun town).

The route was well chosen and took us through gardens, meadows, parks and the forest on the seaside. Many people took this occasion to spend some healthy time with their kids and the sponsor made sure to make it especially fun for the youngest. They could get small booklets and collect check points with funny cartoon characters on them.

The following Walkathons will take place in Aalborg (21.08), Odense (04.09), Kolding (16.10) and Copenhagen (29.08) and Hamburg (19.09) and Warsaw (11.09)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Thoughts on Creativity

Last week my friends, knowing how much I enjoy Ted Talks, pointed me in the direction of this clip. Ken Robinson, an expert on cultural education, talks about how schools kill creativity in children. I think he is making a lot of sense in that in many countries (especially European ones) we educate people to be academics. Primary schools prepare us for high schools and these in turn prepare us for universities. There is very little to no, practical skills taught.

But what I think is the best part of the talk, is when Sir Ken says that to be creative, you have to be ready to make mistakes. You have to be ready to be wrong. And isn't it your experience that at school, you were laughed at whenever you made a mistake? That when writing a paper, you stuck to the safe ground, because if you tried to use your imagination (or even longer words), the effort didn't matter and you got penalized for spelling mistakes? How terrible is it that in our culture "artist" is not a real job?