Sunday, 13 June 2010

Walkathon 2010

Did you hear about Walkathons? The first one took place in 1953 (sic!) in Puerto Rico and the idea is really a very simple one. You register as a participant, show up on the date and go for a lovely walk along the predetermined route. And the sponsor (in my case Ecco shoes company) gives money to a charity of your choice for every kilometer that you walked. It is a very nice and healthy way to spend a Sunday with your family or friends and you get to do something good for those less fortunate.

I walked today in the Aarhus Ecco Walkathon 2010 and did 10,5km (the route was only 10km long but we got lost a little bit along the way). We started by warming up in Tivoli Friheden (fun town).

The route was well chosen and took us through gardens, meadows, parks and the forest on the seaside. Many people took this occasion to spend some healthy time with their kids and the sponsor made sure to make it especially fun for the youngest. They could get small booklets and collect check points with funny cartoon characters on them.

The following Walkathons will take place in Aalborg (21.08), Odense (04.09), Kolding (16.10) and Copenhagen (29.08) and Hamburg (19.09) and Warsaw (11.09)

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