Friday, 21 August 2009

Elfish Elegance or Few of My Favortie Etsy Items

I was hunting for an etsy treasury for the past week. Tonight, after setting up an alarm clock and staring at the screen intently for an hour or so, I managed to finally get one.

It is really gratifying to be able to showcase your favorite items from other sellers. Especially so, for someone who wasts a lot of time browsing crafty creations...

Nevertheless, the system Etsy has in place is really frustrating and I am not sure when I will be bothered again to hunt another one of treasuries. I think someone should rethink the idea and maybe allow you to book slots for the future or allow more treasuries...I know the problem isn't one that can be solved simply, but I think it is worth putting some effort into.

Anyway, enjoy my treasury here.

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