Monday, 26 October 2009

Celebrating Autumn: And What if I Get Ill

It is hard to celebrate or enjoy autumn if you have to do it from your bed with a sore throat, headache and 40C degree fever. In the capricious autumnal weather it is easy to catch a cold. Luckily, nature provides us as well with a lot of natural remedies and immune system boosters. Today 3 ideas of how to go through the fall using your own kitchen stock.

The Terrible Mixture

What for:
Sore throat, general cold and muscle soreness. Garlic has the qualities of natural antibiotics and can kill germs! Ginger and honey smooth the aching throat and lemon provides your system with C vitamin.

1. garlic
2. ginger root
3. honey
4. lemon

1. Chop garlic and ginger
2. Pour hot water over it and let it brew for 5 minutes
3. Add lemon and honey
4. Drink while warm

Onion Milk

What for:
Does wonders for sore throat.

2. milk

1. Peal onion and cut it to several pieces
2. Boil the onion in milk
3. Drink milk while hot

4. You can add honey to sweeten the drink

Zombie Elixir

What For:
Kills the germs and makes sure your cold won't develop.

1. 40% vodka (any kind, the taste really shouldn't be your main concern)
2. 250g of garlic

1. Chop garlic
2. Pour alcohol over choped garlic and keep it in closed jars for two weeks. The jars should be kept in warm place, possibly in the sun.
3. After two weeks throw away the garlic and keep the alcohol (it will reach the color of muddy kiwi juice...yummy)
Hint: don't use jars or bottle you actually like - you won't be able to get rid of the garlic smell.
4. When you feel a cold is coming on drink 10 drops of elixir in a glass of water before every meal.

Remember: the remedies work and can support your immune system in fighting the head cold but they are not a substitute for medical advice in case of prolonged illness.


  1. Ok, these may work, but they sound AWFUL! How can one drink them when already sick? I will let my friends with swine flu know about these suggestions, however! Keep up the good work, and I hope you feel better!

  2. Yeah, you're right - they do sound awful :D But with a lot of honey they are not that bad, and the zombie elixir mostly smells bad but doesn't taste that much (only 10 drops in a glass of water :)).