Sunday, 8 November 2009

Celebrating Autumn: Pumpkin Buns

Don't they just look delicious? I baked these pumpkin buns yesterday and, despite it being my first time, they came out quite nice. They are very soft and airy inside and they have this amazing aroma of cardamom (even though I added much more cinnamon and clove). They taste fantastic with smelly soft cheeses and gruyère although I must say I like them with apple and ginger jam as well.
The only disadvantage is that the pumpkin taste is completely lost in them...pity. Anyway, I found the recipe here - well of cooking and baking inspirations! I promise to translate it for you in the next few days so stay tuned.


  1. They look fantastic! Was this really your first bun (or bread) baking episode? If so, well done :) Oh, came to see them through a Twitter link.
    PS. Nie wiedziałam, czy pisać po PL czy EN... ale jeśli skorzystałaś z przepisu, to chyba PL byłby na miejscu?

  2. Hey Ptasia,

    absolutely my first time baking :) Blog, jak widzisz jest po angielsku, ale jestem Polka wiec po polsku tez mozna :)

    thank you!