Saturday, 27 February 2010

Holidays on Gran Canaria

Thursday night we came back from great holidays in Gran Canaria, Spain. This is also the reason why you haven't heard from me for the bast two weeks. I am now relaxed and full of sun energy. Of course the head-on crash with grey and cold reality of Denmark was a bit rough but nothing can bring me down when my towel still smells of beach and sun (and have tones of sand in it).

I spent most of yesterday and today washing up clothes, sorting through photos and uploading them on flickr. And now I am having an easy and relaxing Saturday evening. But before I forget, I would like to share with you a few impressions from the island.

Gran Canaria is home to delicious food (if you every happen to be in Maspalomas check out Vista Bonita restaurant on Calle Einstein. Yummy food and fantastic service):

1.Papas Arrugadas, 2. Sangria, 3. Pimientos de Padron, 4. Gambas al Ajillo

Gran Canaria has breathtaking and divers landscape:

1.Puerto de Mogan, 2. Gran Canaria Mountains, 3. Beach in Maspalomas, 4. Colors of the Blue Mountain

People of Gran Canaria enjoy ornamenting their homes and cities in a variety of ways - sometimes quite weird (but mostly beautiful):

1.Ceramic House Number, 2. Handmade Menu, 3. Ceramic Art in Mogan, 4. Street Art in Maspalomas 5

And last but not least, the flora of the island is fascinating:

1.Plants of Gran Canaria, 2. Puerto de Mogan, 3. Colors, 4. Plants of Gran Canaria

I hope I have a chance to go back there some day. I have not seen half of the things, the island has to offer.

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