Tuesday, 17 August 2010

On Photography

The weather around here is not very good but I am still trying to make the most out of my free time. At the end of August I begin studying and so I am quite certain that my free time will be severely limited.
I have always been interested in photography and recently I got a chance to use a more professional equipment. Below you can see the photos I took in Ã…rhus and surroundings together with my first attempts at Photoshop.

I especially like the pink battle ship, that I found on the beach. It was left there by the local urban guerrillas as a part of Pink Army project. The Pink Army demands that all wars around the world end immediately. This from their manifesto:

We- The Pink Army- have been in war with all wars in the entire world, since September 2007. Our troops consists of thousands and thousands of strong, brave and armed men, who are ready to fight to death, if they must. And we are growing in numbers, day-by-day, hour-by-hour. From house to house, street corner to street corner, The Pink Army will conquer every square inch of the world. We will strike down on any type of resistance with no mercy. We will hold no prisoners. Any form of surrender, retrieve, “weapons stand still” or peace renegotiations is out of the question. The Pink Army will fight to the last pink drop of blood. Until our demands has been met, accepted and executed.
Don't you just love the way they mock the rhetorics of warmongers?


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  2. Great pics. I ESP like the one of you by the beach....I always wondered what this pink army was that I'd heard about....