Monday, 21 January 2013

Knitting in Circles: Purple Mittens

I got a new knitting book for Christmas. It's pretty thorough in explanations of the basic techniques and I love it because I need that a lot. Once you get to projects...well, I find it slightly confusing but maybe I just need to get used to it the way it is written. 

I have only just started with knitting in general and circular knitting is totally new to me. Whenever I tried it so far, I always had problems with huge whole at the joining spot. Thanks to the book above, I've learned how to solve that problem with knitting a few stitches when joining with both the working yarn and the cast-on tail. 

And this new knowledge gave me a chance to try and make my first project. YAY! Here are a few shots of purple mittens I made. They have ribbing at the top and bottom. And have no fingers (that is too advanced for now).

I did not work from any pattern and the first mitten came out pretty good without any problems (beginners luck, I guess). The second mitten took 4 tries (!) and the help from lovely Anne from The Mitten Project. But now, as I write this, both hands are staying warm and happy in my new finger-less mittens.

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