Saturday, 5 April 2014

The one in which I did too much

So the last post before this one is from February 21st, well over a month ago. Not so good. You remember how back then, I was still very excited about the goals. Well, I still am. But, as I often do, I got overexcited and overextended myself which led to a predictable crush and burn kind of situation.

In February I managed to cook 10 new recipes instead of 15 and failed on pretty much all of my stated goals. In March I haven't even gotten around to setting any goals. So what exactly happened? I overdid. Typical me. I set out to accomplish so many things in February that it simply became too much time- and energy-wise and the whole project imploded. My success spiral ruined and motivation rather low, I couldn't even bring myself to set a single goal for March.

This month I am slowly and carefully getting back to goals and challenges with the following lesson in my baggage: chill out, take it easy - not everything has to be accomplished at once. This lesson, which accidently was also described in a charming way by yesandyes's Sarah, was absolutely worth learning. Even if it costed me some of the hard-earned motivation.

So take it easy out there and, to quote Sarah, be gentle to yourself.

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