Saturday, 11 April 2015


Since the spring has started for real in Denmark, we have started cleaning up our garden. We've only moved to the house last autumn so this is the first time we're seeing our paradise in this lovely season.

The garden is old and has it all: old trees, apple trees, bushes, grass and moss, flower patches, a shed and 3 patios/grilling spaces. It is a lovely piece of land but it hasn't been cared for for the last 2, maybe 3, seasons. It is therefore rather overgrown and needs a good deal of attention.

So far I am mostly working on weeding the flower patches and removing grass that has been crawling over on the patio spaces and Peter, my husband has been replanting and mowing the grass.

Once most of this is done, we can consider adding some new plants, building beds for edibles and planting herbs and veggies.

We are also looking into building our own patio furniture out of pallets but more about this later. Meanwhile here are some of the moments of our lovely day.

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