Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Handmade Easter Eggs

Easter is approaching rapidly and due to awaiting our first baby, I got a bit blindsided by it. Most years, I visit my family during this holiday (yummy-est food ever!) so I don't have any decorations stored in the basement.

My mom decorates these beautiful eggs but I am not really that good with a paintbrush so my decorations are much more minimalist.

Here is a quick and simple idea you can make within one afternoon - pompom eggs.

Et billede slået op af Maria Lind (@mariafurya) den

Make pompoms as shown in this tutorial but instead of shaping them into balls, shear one end much more than the other, to make an egg shape.

And if you are feeling in the mood, make a couple yellow balls and attach beaks to make chickens.

And as I was in a pom pom making mood, I made this baby mobil for the little one.

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