Thursday, 11 June 2009

The joys of your own projects

I don't know how about you guys but I can only get that much out of following charts and patterns. Sure, it is cool to produce a nifty scarf or a well fitting pair of knitted gloves but there is nothing like the satisfaction of a haphazardly formed hat.

My true creative spirit only comes out when I rummage through my supply corner and put together various materials to try and crochet the idea I had in my mind for a while. This of course ends up in a disaster 2 times out of 3 but every so often I am left with a great design that no one has tried before me.

It is all to say that even though you should learn the craft from books and articles and follow some chartered roads to learn the basics, you will get so much more joy from discovering the blanc spots on the maps.


  1. Hooray for blank spots! :-)

  2. I do much better if I just do as I think at the time when I make my landscape pictures. I used to try and copy photos but now I just make up pictures in my head, much more fun and no-one knows if you made a mistake!