Sunday, 20 December 2009

Just Before Christmas I Think of Spring

Christmas is in a few days (YEY!) and all the handmade gifts are finished. I really cannot wait to see how my family and friends will like all the goodies I...that is Santa Clause...made for them.

Anyway, this pre-Christmas period was like a great craft workout. I made a lot of things in a short period of time. Each item was crafted with the thought of specific person in mind and it was a really fantastic and invigorating experience.

Now, that all the Christmas gifts are done, I can put my newly formed craft biceps to further use: 2010 LifeCreative Jewellery Collection!

I have 1000 ideas using the team of flowers. I plan to use rich, vivid colours and mixed media to create textured, lively pieces for girls and women of all ages.

A few sketches have already been put down on paper and some items started. But as my Christmas gift to you I decided to share the photos of my first necklace from the new collection.

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