Thursday, 3 December 2009

Paper Craft: Christmas Decorations

Now, ordinarily I am not the biggest fan of paper crafts. They just me. But, when you think about this, what better time to create temporary pieces of arts, than Christmas.

There is a long tradition in Poland of cutting shapes out of paper (see: here and here) and so every kid at school gets to do at least a couple around various holidays. So I sat down yesterday and, willing my brains to remember the school times, I made these snowflakes:

They look lovely in the window, unfortunately the weather outside is not very Christmas-y (grey skies and rain) and so the picture is nowhere near pretty enough.

I thought I will also take the time and show you how I made it (especially since it is not very difficult).

1. Take a piece of paper and fold one corner to the side.

2. Cut off the outstanding piece of paper so that you are left with a square.

3. Fold square along the diagonal line (now you have a triangle).

4. Fold it 2 more times, every time joining the 2 furthest corners.

5. Now you can start cutting. Many minute cuts make for the most intricate shapes.

6. Unfold and voila!
7. To straighten the folds, you can iron your snowflakes or keep them overnight in a thick book.
8. Connect snowflakes with white thread. You can hang them on the window frame or use as garlands.

Note: You can fold the triangles more times, it's all up to you. You can also use any symmetrical shapes (circles, hexagon etc.)


  1. A great project! I'll have to sit down with my artsy daughter of the holiday break and make some with her. Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you :) And I hope you'll enjoy yourselves!

  3. Oooh - I love how your snowflakes turned out, you've inspired me to have a go at making some now :)