Sunday, 17 January 2010

Earrings Tested on Animals

I am a very fussy customer. When I buy something, I really want to get high quality and good value for my money. This often leads to swearing off certain brands or shops and arguing with dishonest sellers. So in general a bit of extra stress in my life.

But my fussiness has also positive aspects. For instance it makes me more sensitive to my own products' quality. I dread the idea that my customer would come back and complain about their purchase.

So when I made first earrings from the new 2010 Collection, I knew I had to make damn sure that they were durable. As a crazyhead woman, I know perfectly well that jewellery (especially the fav one) goes through a number of ordeals. It is often tugged at, taken off and put on repeatedly, and stuffed into bags and pockets.

To make sure that my new jewellery is up to the task, I gave my earrings the following treatment:
  • I wore them every day for a weak through normal day's chores and to a party
  • I wore them in bad, wet weather and heavy rain
  • I wore them under a hat
  • they travelled through 3 European countries stuffed into a pocket
  • they survived family Christmas with me
  • they were used as a toy for my cat (see picture)
And they are still pretty and in exactly the same shape as they were when I finished them. After this treatment, I can, with all honesty, say: approved for women's life!

(Note: no fat and lazy animal was hurt during this photoshoot)

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