Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Pre-Launch Earrings Giveaway

Today a special treat for all my blog readers: collection pre-launch giveaway! What you can get is earrings from one of the photos to the left and the rules are very simple:

1. Choose the earrings you like the most (1-green, 2-blue, 3-yellow
and 4-yellow rounds)
2. Post a comment saying which ones you like most and where
would you were it (everyday, party, family functions, circus etc.).
No anonymity comments will be taken under consideration - I need
to know who wins!
3. On Friday (22.01) morning I will draw one name at random and
announce the lucky winner!

Simple, isn't it? So don't wait and post your comments. I can't wait to send one of these babies away :D


  1. Hey Maria

    I would wear the blue earrings when I am going to the university to write my master thesis (starting february). The thesis room at my university is grey and borring so I need something colourful and beautiful shaped to keep me going in what I expect to be many hours.


  2. The yellow rounds! I'd pretty much wear them every day :)

  3. Hard to choose as they are all so pretty. But - the yellow circles number 4. I'd wear them at all Norwich City matches as they are the right colour. And I'd wear them to work, and I'd wear them whenever I wanted to feel happy.

  4. I would wear the blue just everyday no where special.

    PS - I voted for you!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. I love the yellow rounds, I'd wear them all the time!

  6. I prefer the blue, I'd wear them everyday because I use jeans and I think it'll perfect.


  7. I love the green ones the most ! They fit very well to my green clothes..... I would wear them during daytime !

  8. The giveaway is now finished!

    Thank you all for participating and for your compliments :)

    Please have a look at the next post to see who won!