Monday, 19 April 2010

Doilies Galore

I love making doilies. The repetitive work that leads to development of regular pattern, visible only at the end of work, has something zen-like to it. I always think about them as mandalas of crochet art. Unfortunately they don't fit my house decor so I lack reasons to make them. And that is why I was so happy recently when I got an order for a few doilies.

So let me brag about a few finished and unfinished projects:


  1. oh my goodness, i am in love with the last one! how much would that be?

  2. Hey, thank you :)
    @Kittycat, you mean the round, white one? It would be around 35USD+small postage. Only you would have to wait for it, because the one on the picture was a gift for my mum and I would have to make new one. If you are interested, I can make it in different color as well. Let me know.