Saturday, 3 April 2010

Eggs, eggs, eggs...

Easter eggs galore. It is traditional in Poland (and several other countries) to ornament eggs for
Easter holidays. I usually use onion peels to colour my eggs from light yellow to dark crimson and leave it at that. But I thought you might like to see what my mum does with eggs from Easter:

The two eggs below are ostrich egg! They are bigger and much harder to break but the surface is also porous so it's harder to paint.

The next two eggs are coloured by boiling in onion peel. My mum uses a small knife to scratch the images on the shell (that's some skill, no?). It is good to use goose eggs or white chicken eggs because the greater the contrast, the better the pattern looks.

To see a few painted eggs from previous Easters, have a look at my flickr account. And now I am back to the kitchen, where everything is ready and smells so good :D I wish you all a very Joyful and Happy Easter.


  1. Beautiful! I really must have a go at decorating some eggs for Easter one year and I love the idea of using onion peel to colour them so thanks for writing about it!

  2. The eggs are gorgeous! Now we know where you get your talent from. Happy Easter Maria!

  3. Thank you, Ladies.

    Jessica: yes, and I think you can also use turmeric, beetroot and some kinds of vinegar for different colours. If you are interested I can look for more info for you.

    Amy: yup, I guess it is in my veins :D Happy Easter to you and your family as well!

  4. Waht lovely eggs. I thought the first one was my favourite till I scrolled down and saw them all. What a talented mother. You are lucky.