Sunday, 29 December 2013

My (Craft) Year in Instagram Pictures

Looking back on this year in my Instagram pictures I discover that I have not done quite as much craft projects as I would have liked it. I have been busy with other types of life endeavours so it is not that surprising. Nevertheless, I'd like to get better with that in the coming year. I've been looking at some scheduling and life-hacking techniques that will hopefully help me take better control over the way I spend my time. Stay tuned for more on that.

Meanwhile have a look at the craft projects I did work on (and documented):

In this little retrospective exercise, I have also discovered, this time with a smile, that I cooked and baked a nice deal this year. I started baking bread and I do it once a week almost every week. I grew a bit of herbs and I now have frozen oregano ice-cubes in my freezer. And most of all, I've been happily going through the Scandalicious Baking book, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to any baking-fans. Here are some of my more successful experiments:

Sourdough bread with mixed seeds
Scandalicious Baking: Orange Butter Biscuits 

Scandalicious Baking: Finish Baked Pancake
Scandalicious Baking: Passion Fruit and Lime Custard Birthday Cake 
Polish Easter Cake: Mazurek
This year's batch of Honey Vodka
The herbs, we've been growing. Chili grown by my husband and my oregano, harvested and ready to be chopped and frozen.

Home-grown oregano harvest
Young chili

Apart from cooking and crafting I have also had a lot of good relaxing moments with my husband, furry beasts and in the nature.

Mushroom picking in Poland
Eddie in his private heaven 

And how about you? Did you have a good, crafting year?

and meanwhile

Happy New Year


  1. Happy New Year to you, too. (A little late, I know) All your baking looks so delicious and the picture of the cat makes me want to cuddle it all day, we really have to come and visit you. Which time of year do you recommend?

  2. You are welcome any time :) Although I would suggest spring/summer when the weather is better and there is a chance to swim in the sea.