Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cafe Latte Baby Blanket

No matter how many times I've started on knitted projects (and how many of them I actually finished - a few), crocheting will always my go-to method of working with yarn. 

The project I am working on now is a baby blanket with a thick, dense weave. Because it is so dense, it takes long to complete the project, but I like the texture so much, I am planning more projects with it. It will certainly serve as a sweet, warm cover for some baby. Yeah, I don't actually have a recipient of this blanky in mind, so friends and relatives, get on the topic of babies, will you? I would actually make a big blanket for myself (it really is so cozy) but I don't have enough yarn for that.

I am using light cotton-acrylic yarn that is has a soft feel to it while still being very warm. The color is cream, like a very milky cafe latte. I like it for a baby blanket, even if it's probably not very practical. 

And working on this project taught me a lesson: "never put away a project for 2 years and pick it up as if nothing happened". I wasn't sure if I remembered how to make round ends, but I made two rounds anyway. I realized I made a mistake on the round ending, I ripped two rounds...and then I realized I probably hadn't made a mistake and all the ripping was for nothing.

Anyway, I'll show you the finished piece, when I am done.


  1. Hey Maria, the baby blanket looks lovely :) I am not planning on getting on the topic of babies, but a lot of my friends actually have. Could you show me / send me a link to the pattern? It looks really cozy and although I am more of a two-needle person I would love to learn more crocheting. Thanks and thanks for your lovely posts

  2. Hey :)

    the pattern I am using is actually from a small booklet in Danish. I can try and translate it for you but there is no diagram to go with it. The author of the booklet has some of her patterns on Ravelry though not the blanket itself. But maybe you can ask her for the pattern: