Sunday, 30 May 2010

Rainy Sunday...

It's been really rainy today and the lights had to be on from 1pm because there is almost no sunlight outside. The only thing I want to do on a day like this is to roll under the covers with a good book or a movie. I feel gloom.

But today I really did my very best to stay upbeat.
- I cleaned parts of the house (Mr. P cleaned other parts)
- I did my danish homework (and discovered that my Microsoft Works experiences a fatal error every time I try to paste anything to it)
- I watched some tutorials online
- I shared my newest fimo ring with you (see picture or flickr)
- I even made strawberry-banana milkshake

And I still only want to crawl in a dark hole and forget the world. But instead I will go and sort out the chaos that is my craft studio.

The conclusion, I guess, is that either there were more sunny days when I was a kid or rain simply was another element of our games and we didn't even notice. Whaddaya think?

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