Sunday, 23 May 2010


I love seasonal fruits and veges. There is truly nothing more enjoyable on Saturday morning than a visit to farmers' market. I love browsing around the stalls, smelling fresh, earthy smells of roots and herbs, and picking up what's in season.

May is the season for asparagus and rhubarb. And boy, do I love rhubarb! So many good things you can make with these sweet and sour sticks.
Yesterday night, I turned the fresh batch of rhubarb into this delicious rhubarb sour cream cake. It is a very easy to follow recipe, but the outcome is orgasmic. The cake gets better on the second day, if kept in the fridge. And I strongly recommend you serve the cake with whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream, or sour cream and vanilla sugar. Mhhmmmm...


  1. Oh Maria! That looks and sounds delicious. My grandparents grew rhubarb in their garden when I was growing up. I still remember grabbing some rinsing it off with the water hose and munching down....ah the memories!

  2. Hey Amy,

    yup, the cake was amazingly good. I need to get my hands on some more rhubarb and bake more.