Friday, 21 May 2010

There is something about Denmark...

...that you don't know. And that I didn't realize until recently, when the days got sunnier. Namely, that 21st of May in Denmark lasts 16hours 36minutes and 40seconds. The same day in Poland lasts 16hours and 23seconds. Even though the difference isn't that large in reality it feels very important. The reason for this is that the sun rises in both countries almost at the same time: around 4:30 - and I am still asleep so don't really care about that. At the same time, sun sets in Poland at 20:33 and in Denmark at 21:25 - almost an hour later. Because of this the day feels wonderfully long.
I took a photo of the sky yesterday at around 21:30 to prove that it was still totally bright outside. Isn't that just great?


  1. Yes.. I definitely miss those looooong Danish summer evenings/nights... :-)

  2. There is something very "hyggeligt" about these summer nights :)

  3. i bet the kids love it. They can stay out and play !